“I’ve got a freaking alien in my backyard”

By Ted Bonnitt on March 19th, 2019
“I’ve got a freaking alien in my backyard”
Left: Trish Bishop's illustration of the being she saw in her backyard. Right: Bishop stands in her backyard where she claims to have seen the being standing. (Credit: Orlando Sentinel)
Left: Trish Bishop's illustration of the being she saw in her backyard. Right: Bishop stands in her backyard where she claims to have seen the being standing. (Credit: Orlando Sentinel)

Trish Bishop had just moved into her Kissimmee, Florida home in March of 2013. After a long day at work, she stepped into her backyard to enjoy the late afternoon setting sun, now shaded by the woods behind her property and saw something that changed her life. 

About 30 feet off the ground hovered a "very odd" sight. The mass appeared to shimmer, "Kind of like looking at water," she later told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). 

Trish stood still wondering at it. She's a government employee with a high security clearance and began to analyze what she was seeing. At first she thought it was a weather phenomenon, despite it only measuring about 8 feet long by 6 feet wide. She watched the strange mass for 10 minutes before it began to move forward and to her left, centering itself between her Crape Maple tree and the woods. Trish's concern grew. She stared at the object for another five minutes.

Suddenly, before her eyes, what she described as an "ET" began to visually materialize, standing in her backyard in front of the Cape Maple. It initially looked transparent, "like a hologram" but slowly appeared to grow solid as it began to climb off the ground as if grabbing onto an invisible climbing rope and using its legs and feet to climb up invisible steps. Trish could only see " his physical actions of climbing up." 

Trish sized up the mysterious being as it turned its side to her as it climbed upwards. "He had a human type body, very strong, very muscled, approx. 6'3 to 6'5," she reported. She described the being as "off-white" in color with alligator like skin. She said it looked like it was wearing a non-metallic "armor jumpsuit" with boots and gloves. "But his head was not human at all," she added.

And then it saw her.

As Trish watched the imposing being climb, it turned to look at her. It was not more than 50 feet away. When they made eye contact, Trish froze. The creature's face was something Trish said she'll never forget. "He had large bulging eyes...I do not see how he could possibly close his eyes they stuck out so far from the sockets, very white eyes with black pupils, he had nostrils, very strong jaw bones.,"

"It was not friendly looking."

It was the large size of the creature's jaw that stuck in her mind. “If you compare a human jawbone to his, we would be a chihuahua to a pit bull,” she told the Orlando Sentinel.

As the creature continued to climb up the invisible set of stairs, it kept glaring at her. Trish fumbled with her cell phone pretending not to stare, freak out or do anything to provoke an attack. Her finger was resting on the number "9" on her phone's keypad, ready to dial 911, as if that would have helped.

About ten feet off the ground, the being turned its back to Trish and appeared to climb into something that was invisible to her and vanished. It was gone.

Trish waited 4 years before she told anyone about what she saw that afternoon. MUFON investigated the case and found Trish to be a believable witness. No trace of the creature or the shimmering object was found, likely because it had occurred four years before they investigated the area. At the suggestion of the MUFON investigator, Trish bought a couple of trail cams to capture images of any strange activity in her backyard and sends pictures to MUFON weekly. MUFON reported that some of the images were unexplainable but offered no additional details.

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