Eye contact with strange creature reported in Oregon woods

By Ted Bonnitt on March 11th, 2019
Eye contact with strange creature reported in Oregon woods
Witness drawing of creature spotted in Oregon woods.
Witness drawing of creature spotted in Oregon woods.

A young girl and her family reported a strange encounter with a grey, bipedal being in the woods of Oregon. The incident was investigated by an extended family member of the witnesses who also is a long time UFO researcher for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The investigator told the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) that he received a call from his son in law, a US Army veteran and former police officer on the evening of June 6, 2018 immediately after he had returned from an outing with his girlfriend and her two daughters in a hilly, wooded area five miles east of Siletz, Oregon.

At about 7:30 PM on the same evening the man, his girlfriend and her daughters parked their car along a gravel road in the forest to find wood to make a bow. They picked some wood and the boyfriend "J" (full names withheld by NUFORC) saw some downed alder wood for firewood further down the road. As they drove toward the wood the eldest daughter, age 12 heard "a faint buzzing noise" in the car, and initially thought the sound was a flying insect in the car.

The girl then "saw the most bizarre thing ever." Standing about 100 feet from their vehicle was a "human looking creature that was about 4 to 5 feet tall with pale grey skin. Its skin was so thin it was almost transparent and it was so skinny."

The girl described the creature as having "quarter size eyes (dark brown) ribs showing, no clothes, head round oval, looked like no ears or nose, roundish bump where nose should be!" 

The girl made eye contact with the creature and everything went quiet.

She caught sight of the creature for about 10 seconds. The birds in the area went quiet. All she could hear was a buzzing sound. Then, the creature ran off. Moving in an "unnatural" way, with quick movements and "fast and quiet, no sound at all! " 

She told the others about what she saw but they did not see it. The group agreed to keep an eye out. The girl saw it again for about 12 seconds and knew that something was up there. "It looked like it came from behind the stump it was standing by." But the creature ran away again and was completely quiet despite its fast speed.

The girl said "Hey, I saw it again I think we should go up there and look around." 

The four got out of the car and walked to where the girl first saw the creature. The forest was still eerily quiet and the family noticed that the area where they were standing had a pronounced echo sound when they spoke. The girl caught a brief glimpse of the strange creature for a third and final time. No one else saw the creature. After the creature ran off, the birds in the woods resumed their calls.

As they searched the area where the girl first spotted the being, they found fur on a stump that resembled rabbit fur. She reported, "It was black with brown tints to it and it stunk really bad!" The family could not find any tracks in the dry surface of the forest and decided to drive home.

Other than all four of the witnesses hearing the strange buzzing sound, the witnesses reported no other effects from their encounter. The girl submitted an illustration of the creature that she reported seeing.

Original report:

Occurred : 6/6/2018 19:30 (Entered as : 060618 19:30)

Reported: 6/17/2018 3:17:07 PM 15:17

Posted: 6/21/2018

Location: Siletz, OR


Duration:10-12 seconds


((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Mr. Ron Wright, former MUFON Field Investigator for MUFON/Oregon, for submitting this nice report, with illustration. He can be reached at <> PD))

This investigator has over 30 years of looking into crop circles, cattle mutilations, ufo sightings and other cases including a search and rescue of a missing woman in Eastern Oregon. But this is my first hand report of a 'Close Encounter of the Third Kind'.

This incident comes by a phone call to my spouse on the late evening of 6 June 2018 at about 9:30pm, she received a call from her son. He is a former US Army veteran, former police officer and currently a security guard at a local casino. Watching my spouse's face as she was talking to her son, was a look of concern. She handed me the phone and said, "You need to hear this!" As I listened to her son, he was sincere about what they saw and encountered. The main witness was his girlfriend's daughter who is age 12. Given permission, I spoke with the girl for over 30 minutes asking specific questions. Here is a short summery of that chat; "What time and where did you have this sighting? About 7:30ish today, 5 miles south east of Siletz off a gravel road near Ojalla Road in the woods.

"How far was this creature from you? "About 100 feet or so, standing 2 legs, pale grey height 4-5 feet quarter size eyes (dark brown) ribs showing, super skinny, no clothes head round oval, looked like no ears or nose, roundish bump where nose should be!" "How long did you see it?" "10 seconds first time and about 12 seconds the second time..." "What else did you see or hear?" "Birds were real quiet, then when it took off, the birds got noisy again. Prior to the sighting you could hear a 'buzzing noise'. Then sounds got echoing, that lasted about 20 seconds, then sounds in area got normal again. It, the creature moved unnatural, fast and quiet, no sound at all! "Did you see the whole creature? "Yeah, real skinny, ribs showing, thin like almost transparent, no clothes, quick movements..." She went on to tell me the family checked that area for evidence and found only tuffs of black and white fur on the stump. Time I spoke with this yound girl was 9:30pm the evening of 6 June 2018.

The following is a full written report from this 12 year girl of her entity encounter; "The night of June 6th, 2018 me and my family decided to go for a drive up in the hills 5 miles out of Siletz, Oregon. We were out to find wood to make ourselves a bow. My mom's boyfriend "J" saw some sticks that were perfect for the bows so we cut them off the tree that they were attached to.

Then we went down the road and "J" saw some downed alder that could be used for firewood. I started hearing a faint buzzing noise but put it off as a bug in the car. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the most bizzare thing ever. It was about 100 to 120 feet away from my moms car. What I saw was a human looking creature that was about 4 to 5 feet tall with pale grey skin. Its skin was so thin it was almost transparent and it was so skinny. I saw it a total of three times and this was the first. I saw it for about 10 seconds.

When I made eye contact with it everything went silent. The birds stopped chirping, everything was silent. Then it ran away. I told my mom and "J" and we thought ok we'll keep an eye out. Then I saw it again I knew that something was up there. And as I said previously it ran away, but it looked like it came from behind the stump it was standing by.

Then I said, "Hey, I saw it again I think we should go up there and look around." We went up there and looked around and then while I was standing were I saw it the first time and I saw it again! It moved so quick when it noticed that I saw it. And for moving so quick it was incredibly quite. I yelled for "J" "I saw it again!" So we went over to where I saw the 3rd time and when we were talking it got really quite and voices echoed a lot more than the other places in the woods.

Near the site of the first sighting we found fur that resembled rabbit fur. It was black with brown tints to it and it stunk really bad! After trying to search for tracks we figured that it was to dry for it to leave tracks so we decided to head home." Investigation summery... I spoke with the primary witness, this 12 year old girl. Very sharp, and sincere about what she saw that evening. I do not think this was a fabricated fantasy, as I could sense the fright and excitement in this young girls voice, which lead me to beleive it did happen.

Besides the young 12 year old girl, there were 3 others that experinced the echo and the buzzing sounds. The boyfriend, her mother and her younger sister. Other than the echo and buzzing sounds, to my knowledge none of these individuals suffered any other physical effects. As for the two listed, I have heard about this in the similar case in Salida, Colorado, ufo encounter in which the family had the buzzing sound during their ufo encounter. As for knowing the boyfriend for over 15 years, besides being a combat veteran in Iraq, he is a sound individual and is sincere in what he beleives happen and there is no question in his mind that this girl saw this entity in the woods. All four truly beleive this incident occured and I am sure it will be a memorable moment for this 12 year old girl!

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