'Ata' boy was just that

By Ted Bonnitt on April 22nd, 2013
'Ata' boy was just that
'Ata' is a human, according to experts. Credit: Institute for Exobiological Investigation and Study (IIEE)
'Ata' is a human, according to experts. Credit: Institute for Exobiological Investigation and Study (IIEE)

As promised, Dr. Steven Greer has released a detailed report on the 'Atacama Humanoid' to coincide with this week's world premiere of his "Sirius" Documentary.

But the findings defy the movie's promotional hype, with a lead researcher on the project announcing that the remains are not from out of this world. They're human, reports Stanford University's Dr. Garry Nolan.

Nolan is a genetics professor of at Stanford University's School of Medicine in California and was billed by movie's PR as heading up the team examining the human-like specimen.

Nolan states in the movie that he believes that the remains are human, likely of an indigenous Indian from the Chilean area. 

Nolan is quoted in the movie, "The other thing that immediately fell out of the analysis is that it's male. It probably died in the last century, if I were to make a guess."

The mummified remains were discovered ten years ago in a ghost town located in an area of northern Chile known as the Atacama Desert. 

The specimen was later sold to Ramón Navia-Osorio, a wealthy businessman in Barcelona, Spain, who has a keen interest in UFOs and runs the Institute for Exobiological Investigation and Study. 

Greer later led DNA research on the remains, nicknamed "Ata."

Highlights of the findings as presented by the film's producers include:

-The Atacama Humanoid is a 13 centimeter, or 6 inch, body that is very desiccated but completely intact. 

-The CAT scan clearly shows internal chest organs (lungs and what appears to be the remains of a heart structure).

-There is absolutely no doubt that the specimen is an actual organism and that it is not a hoax of any kind. This fact has been confirmed by Dr. Nolan and Dr. Lachman at Stanford.

-The specimen has only 10 ribs, a finding not yet found in humans, and a very unusual cranium. It is noted that the cranial vault is, proportionally, much larger than is found in normal humans. 

-The bones are quite well developed and are not those of a fetus.There are multiple skeletal anomalies seen throughout the specimen. 

-Importantly a mature, not fetal, tooth is seen in the mandible (jaw bone) A fracture of the right humerus (upper arm) is seen as is a concave fracture of the right posterior-lateral skull, which was most likely the cause of death. He noted that there is no known form of human dwarfism that has this presentation and set of findings. 

-No human is known to be able to live for 6-8 years and remain only 6 inches in length.

The DNA study results are very preliminary and inconclusive, so far. This information was released tonight:

-Painstaking and expert DNA extraction was done by Dr. Nolan at Stanford University. A very high quality and quantity of DNA was successfully extracted and analyzed.

-Only Preliminary analysis of the DNA has been done to date, and Dr. Nolan notes that it may be a year or more before full manual analysis and confirmation can occur. 

-Dr. Nolan notes: “The DNA was of high quality, showing little to no serious degradation.”

-Dr. Nolan also notes that: “Sequence analysis definitively rules out the specimen as an example of a New World primate.”

-Importantly, Dr. Nolan has found that: “Preliminary results demonstrate no statistically relevant alterations of genes encoding proteins commonly associated with known genes for primordial dwarfism or other forms of dwarfism. Therefore, if there is a genetic basis for the symptoms observed in the specimen the casual mutation(s) are not apparent at this level of resolution and at this stage of the analysis. “

-It should be noted that Neanderthals are 99.5% genetically identical to humans, and chimps and apes are 96-97% identical. 

-As of this date, the genotype does not seem to match the phenotype (meaning physically expressed form of the genetics). 

-The answer to this mystery will lead in further analysis of the DNA and confirmation of the findings through the peer review process. 

The full report can be read here.

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