• “I’ve got a freaking alien in my backyard”

    By Ted Bonnitt on March 19th, 2019

    Trish Bishop had just moved into her Kissimmee, Florida home in March of 2013. After a long day at work, she stepped into her backyard to enjoy the late afternoon setting sun, now shaded by the woods behind her property and saw something that changed her life. 

    About 30 feet off the ground hovered a "very odd" sight. The mass appeared to shimmer, "Kind of like looking at water," she later told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). 

    Trish stood still wondering at it. She's a government employee with a high security clearance and began to analyze what she was ...

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  • New witnesses to Pascagoula abduction step forward

    By Ted Bonnitt on March 12th, 2019

    New witnesses to one of the most well known UFO abduction cases have come forward 45 years after the fateful night. 

    Known as the Pascagoula incident, Charles Hickson, age 42 and Calvin Parker age 19 were fishing along the Pascagoula River in Mississippi on the evening of October 11, 1973 when they claimed that a UFO appeared before them and three creatures abducted them during, "a terrifying experience."

    Recently, a couple stepped forward to say that they also saw a UFO and what looked, “like a person” emerge from the water that night across the river from where Hickson and ...

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  • Eye contact with strange creature reported in Oregon woods

    By Ted Bonnitt on March 11th, 2019

    A young girl and her family reported a strange encounter with a grey, bipedal being in the woods of Oregon. The incident was investigated by an extended family member of the witnesses who also is a long time UFO researcher for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

    The investigator told the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) that he received a call from his son in law, a US Army veteran and former police officer on the evening of June 6, 2018 immediately after he had returned from an outing with his girlfriend and her two daughters in a hilly, wooded area ...

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  • Resumed US manned space flight closer to reality

    By Ted Bonnitt on March 8th, 2019

    After a remarkable 9 years without direct access to the space frontier, the United States came a step closer today to not having to rely on the Russians to get astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

    SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule successfully splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida, completing the first test flight of the manned space vehicle. It returned from a 5 day visit to ISS with over three hundred pounds of cargo and a dummy named Ripley (an homage to a character from the film “Alien”). Ripley is a space age crash ...

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  • Triangle UFOs continue to appear worldwide

    By Ted Bonnitt on March 5th, 2019

    One of the most commonly reported type of UFO is a black, triangle shape craft that measures about 300 feet across. They are usually seen with lights under each point of the triangle with a larger light in the center of the hull. Triangle shape flying objects have been seen around the world for decades with a rash of sightings reported in the 1990’s.

    In the 1990’s, I interviewed law enforcement personnel who saw them while on duty from New York to Florida. 

    Big Bertha over Alabama

    They were seen so often over Sand Mountain, Alabama during a ...

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  • Childhood UFO encounter leaves lifelong impression

    By Ted Bonnitt on March 4th, 2019

    When people, especially children are confronted with something outside of their known reality, the effects of their experiences can last a lifetime and decades can pass before they are ready to discuss what happened to them. In some cases contact witnesses, like trauma victims are haunted for a lifetime as new memories surface years later.

    So is the story of one man who reluctantly stepped forward 25 years after his childhood encounter to share his unsettling experience and its lingering effects. As an adult he worked as a deputy in law enforcement.

    The witness told the National UFO Reporting Center ...

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  • Harvard’s lead astronomer gives 7 clues why the first interstellar object seen could be alien tech

    By Ted Bonnitt on March 1st, 2019

    Sightings claims of alien spacecraft are often ignored by the news media.  But when the top astronomer at Harvard University says that we may have found one, it makes headlines.

    Harvard Astronomy Department Chairman, Dr. Avi Loeb, has made the astonishing claim that a mysterious object observed flying through our solar system last year, known as “Oumuamua” could have been built by alien intelligence from another solar system and sent to examine the goldilocks zone of our solar system. Goldilocks zones refer to planetary regions in space that can support life around stars.

    Professor Loeb’s postulation involves a lot ...

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