• Ata was a girl not an alien

    By Ted Bonnitt on March 22nd, 2018

    A new study has confirmed that a peculiar set of tiny remains found in South America and touted by UFO advocate Steven Greer as alien in origin, are indeed human.

    Greer centered his 2013 documentary “Sirius” on the premise that the remains, known as “Ata” , were from another world. Genetics experts at Stanford University, where the skeleton was examined disputed Greer’s claims from the outset.

    The six inch long skeleton was named for the Atacama desert region in Chile where it was discovered 14 years ago in an abandoned mining town.

    The study, published today in the Journal Genome ...

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  • Welcome to Out There With Ted

    By Ted Bonnitt on March 21st, 2018

    Welcome to Out There With Ted.

    UFOGrid.com is now OutThereWithTed.com.

    We are committed to reporting on the UFO and related phenomena using common sense, journalistic standards.

    The name change is part of exciting new developments that are soon to be announced.

    OutThereWithTed continues to bring you exciting news and information about UFOs and related encounters with non-human intelligence around the world.

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