• Witnesses "a bit freaked" when close UFO responds to camera flash

    By Ted Bonnitt on April 29th, 2014

    Two friends driving home from work in the middle of night on a remote stretch of road in Canada reported a close encounter and possible communication with a large UFO on April 25, 2014.

    The two witnesses told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that they were driving home from work in Hinton, Alberta, at 1:45 AM along Highway 16 about 2.5 miles east of Marlboro when they spotted "green and red lights" at about tree top level just off the road. Initially, the unidentified witnesses thought they were seeing a low flying aircraft. 

    As the witnesses approached, the ...

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  • Triangle UFO photographed over Ohio field

    By Ted Bonnitt on April 25th, 2014

    Triangle shaped UFOs have been spotted and photographed in Ohio this week, according to witness reports filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

    A couple in Springfield, OH, was driving along a country road on the evening of April 23, 2014, when they spotted what they first thought was a helicopter hovering over a field. As they approached, the witnesses realized that the object was a triangle shaped UFO.

    The unidentified male witness, who was driving at the time, reported that he pulled their vehicle over to take a photograph of the object.

    "It raised up and started floating westward ...

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  • First Earth sized planet found in habitable zone

    By NASA on April 17th, 2014

    Using NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered the first Earth-size planet orbiting a star in the "habitable zone" -- the range of distance from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface of an orbiting planet. The discovery of Kepler-186f confirms that planets the size of Earth exist in the habitable zone of stars other than our sun.

    While planets have previously been found in the habitable zone, they are all at least 40 percent larger in size than Earth and understanding their makeup is challenging. Kepler-186f is more reminiscent of Earth.

    "The discovery of Kepler-186f is ...

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  • Camera captures UFO streaking across NH daytime sky

    By Ted Bonnitt on April 12th, 2014

    A very fast flyover by a UFO yesterday in broad daylight was reported by a witness in Derry, New Hampshire.

    The unidentified witness reported to The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that an HD video camera attached to a quadcopter captured the image as the witness was preparing to launch the vehicle. He did not notice the object until later reviewing the video.

    The object was moving so rapidly that less than a second of information was recorded, about 12 video individual frames in all. The high resolution video did offer some details of the UFO.

    The object flew in a ...

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  • Strange lights captured in Mississippi woods spark debate

    By Ted Bonnitt on April 7th, 2014

    Skeptics are weighing in on the mysterious lights that illuminated deer in rural Mississippi in February.

    The images were taken by an infrared camera on the wooded property of Rainer and Edith Shattles in the Cumbest Bluff area of southern Mississippi, on the evening of February 16, 2014, and later reported by local TV station WLOX. The news story has since gone viral.

    The couple placed cameras around their 150 acre property to snap pictures of local wildlife. When they examined the images in question, they were hard pressed to explain the strange lights.

    The series of still camera images ...

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  • Massive UFO cuts lights and electronics in New York neighborhood

    By Ted Bonnitt on April 7th, 2014

    A family in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York reported observing a large, triangle UFO that affected their electronic devices and home electrical power.

    The reporting witness told the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) that he and his father were outside their Auburn, New York, home at 10 PM on April 1, 2014, when the 15 minute-long incident occurred.

    The unidentified father and son were stargazing with an astronomy app on the son's new tablet, holding the device over their heads and toward the sky when the near fully charged tablet suddenly shut down.

    When they could ...

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  • Light orb with structure photographed near PA nuke plant

    By Ted Bonnitt on April 2nd, 2014

    Three very bright flying lights or spheres were seen near a Pennsylvania nuclear power plant on New Year’s Day 2014, with a photograph taken of one the objects “showing structure” according to a recent report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). 

    The unidentified witness first noticed “three very bright lights” hovering west of the Limerick Nuclear Power plant in Pottstown, PA. The lights caught the witness’ attention, “Because they were too bright to be an aircraft and I thought it may be something out of the ordinary.”

    According to the witness, the stationary lights were the brightest they ...

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  • 30 Foot triangle UFO flies low over WA home

    By Ted Bonnitt on April 2nd, 2014

    A triangle shaped UFO was reported flying slow and silently just over the tree line in Lakewood, Washington, on the evening of March 28, 2014.

    The unidentified reporting witness told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that they had stepped to their home’s front door at 9:45 PM to lock up for the night when they saw what they first thought were a pair of car headlights reflecting on the glass door.

    As the witness looked down the street, they “saw a triangle shaped object in the sky.”

    The lights were very bright, provoking the witness to step outside ...

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  • Daytime UFO photo taken over Cape Town, South Africa

    By Ted Bonnitt on April 2nd, 2014

    A daytime photograph of an alleged UFO was taken in Cape Town, South Africa on March 2, 2014.

    The image was submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) by the girlfriend of the man who snapped the picture while taking landscape photographs with a friend.

    The girlfriend whose name was not given in the report, described the object as,“visibly dull, metallic looking and rounded.”

    The two witnesses noticed the object at a distance and at a time that no conventional aircraft were observed in the area.

    The photo was taken on a mountain near the Simonstown Naval Base, which ...

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  • Giant UFO confirmed by Chile Government

    By Ted Bonnitt on April 1st, 2014

    A recent picture taken in Chile of an alleged UFO “twice the size of a stadium” is authentic, according to an official investigation in that country.

    The findings were announced by The Committee for the Study of Aerial Anomalous Phenomena (CEFAA), an offical Chilean government agency that was formed by Chile’s Directorate of Civil Aviation in 1997 and is charged with pursuing credible UFO cases that pose safety risk to air traffic in the nation’s skies. The story was initially reported by Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology.

    The image of the giant UFO was taken at El Yeso ...

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