• "Huge" UFO may have caused strange behavior in witnesses

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 30th, 2013

    A couple in southern Delaware reported a strange encounter with a "huge disc" flying over their home in January, 2013.

    The unnamed husband and wife were home watching television in the family room of their Sussex County home at 7 PM on January 23, 2013. 

    The wife, who earlier this month reported the incident to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) said she walked three rooms over to their living room to have a smoke, as her husband is a nonsmoker.

    As she sat down, she heard what sounded like voices outside their home but soon realized the sound was of ...

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  • New crew arrives at Space Station

    By NASA, Houston, Texas on May 28th, 2013

    NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, Russian Federal Space Agency cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin and European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Luca Parmitano joined their Expedition 36 crewmates when the hatches between their Soyuz TMA-09M spacecraft and the International Space Station opened at 12:14 a.m. EDT Wednesday. 

    The Soyuz carrying the three new Expedition 36 flight engineers docked with the station’s Rassvet module at 10:10 p.m. EDT Tuesday, completing its journey from the launch pad to the orbiting complex in less than six hours. The trio launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 4:31 p.m. (2 ...

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  • Curiosity drills second rock on Mars

    By NASA, Pasadena, CA on May 27th, 2013

    NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has used the drill on its robotic arm to collect a powdered sample from the interior of a rock called "Cumberland."

    Plans call for delivering portions of the sample in coming days to laboratory instruments inside the rover. This is only the second time that a sample has been collected from inside a rock on Mars. The first was Curiosity's drilling at a target called "John Klein" three months ago. Cumberland resembles John Klein and lies about nine feet (2.75 meters) farther west. Both are within a shallow depression called "Yellowknife Bay."

    The ...

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  • Space Station prepares for crew arrival

    By NASA, Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan on May 27th, 2013

    The three Expedition 36 crew members currently living and working aboard the International Space Station wrapped up another busy week of science experiments and research Friday, while three new crew members continued preparations in Kazakhstan for a launch to the orbiting laboratory on Tuesday. 

    Flight Engineer Chris Cassidy harvested some of the plants that are part of the Seedling Growth experiment. This looks at how plants grow in space, which is important not only for studying how plants grow on Earth, but also how astronauts on future space missions could grow their own food. 

    Cassidy also performed some checkout activities ...

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  • UFO photographed near Vancouver, B.C.

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 27th, 2013

    An amateur photographer snapped a photograph of what appears to be an unidentified object over the North Shore Mountains in Vancouver, British Columbia, at 10 a.m. on May 26, 2013.

    Anthony Ellis was surprised when he noticed a "speck" on his photo after he returned home and reviewed it on his computer.

    Ellis claims that his photo is unaltered, and that the speck did not appear on the other images that he took Saturday morning. 

    He submitted his photograph to the local newspaper, The Vancouver Sun, which published the photo with an imbecilic comment, "Reported UFO sightings generally peak ...

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  • Flashing UFO shoots beam of light at ground in Alabama

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 26th, 2013

    A low flying, brightly lit object reportedly hovered just over tree top level and projected a bright beam of light toward the ground in Haleyville, Alabama on the night of May, 21, 2013.

    A witness to the sighting told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), that they were home with their two small children and had just stepped outside their front door for a smoke at 11:37 PM when they spotted the UFO with "very bright red and white flashing lights."

    The unnamed witness stated that the object was too low for an airplane and was silent. As it flew ...

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  • Alleged image of UFO over haunted barn goes viral

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 25th, 2013

    A photograph of an alleged, disc shape UFO in San Diego, California, has made news recently, and local authorities can't explain what it was. 

    The photograph's quality is good, and the story got extra play because the image was taken over a historic barn with a reputation for being haunted.

    The UFO buzz started on May 7, 2013, when Santee Historical Society worker Ellen Henry was taking photographs of the barn for a new logo. She heard and saw nothing unusual when she shot the picture, but later noticed a "speck" on her camera's LCD screen as ...

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  • Witness: UFO overtakes two military jets in Pennsylvania skies

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 23rd, 2013

    A witness in West Brownsville, Pennsylvania, reported spotting a UFO "overtake two military jets" flying in formation. Yet, all three craft did not make any sound that could be heard.

    The Pennsylvania sighting occurred on April 7, 2013, at about 9:30 PM, when the witness got out of their car at home, after returning from work.

    The unnamed witness told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that they looked up at the sky to observe the stars when they spotted two "jets flying side by side." 

    The witness assumed that the aircraft were military because they were flying in a ...

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  • Large diamond shape UFO reported in Pennsylvania

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 22nd, 2013

    A husband and wife watched a large, diamond shaped flying object with "flickering lights" fly and hover for an hour over Ligonier, PA on May 20, 2013.

    The two unidentified witnesses were walking their dog at 12:30 AM when they first saw the UFO, according to a report filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

    The husband got a pair of binoculars for a closer look. He reported that it was "a solid object with definition" and further described the craft as "a diamond shape with multiple colored lights in a cross like pattern."

    The couple watched the UFO ...

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  • Silent triangle UFO reported over Los Angeles

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 20th, 2013

    A triangle shaped craft with unconventional lights was reported flying over Los Angeles on the night of May 1, 2013.

    The unnamed witness told the Mutual UFO Network, (MUFON) that they stepped onto their apartment's balcony after dinner for a look at the sky at about 10:15 PM. The sky was cloudy and a dark orange color from city lights, when they spotted the UFO fly directly above their position.

    The "solid" object was darker then the surrounding sky, which clearly revealed the craft's "perfect triangle shape."

    There were four "unusual yellow-orange lights" on the bottom of ...

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  • It's official: UFO buzzed airliner in UK

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 16th, 2013

    A commercial airliner was involved in a near miss with a UFO over Glasgow, Scotland, on December  2, 2012, and an official investigation has concluded that the identity of the mystery craft is "unable to be established."

    Meaning, the plane nearly collided with a UFO.

    The airline pilots were making their descent over Bailleston in clear skies just before 1 PM when the UFO buzzed their Airbus A320 passenger jet, which can carry up to 220 passengers.

    The pilots reported (transcript below) that they saw a blue and yellow object "loom ahead" as it was coming in for a landing ...

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  • UFO images captured over Israel

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 15th, 2013

    A family attending a late night bar-b-cue in Israel photographed and video recorded (see below) a UFO as it flew overhead on April 28, 2013.

    Mali Hayun and her family were enjoying an outdoor dinner south of Tel Aviv after midnight when they spotted the bright orange object in the air, according to a report filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

    Hayun, a self described numerologist, said the UFO suddenly appeared to their left and flew a straight and steady course, and at a consistent speed.

    The report was submitted in rough english, but the witness wrote that during ...

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  • Kepler spacecraft crippled

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 15th, 2013

    NASA's planet hunter is in trouble.

    Now 40 million miles from Earth and out of reach for repair, the Kepler Spacecraft is in a spin following the failure of a second "reaction wheel" stabilizer.

    The condition leaves the observatory unable to take precision images of the universe, thus likely ending the data collecting mission. 

    With the failure of a second of four reaction wheels, NASA said, "it's unlikely that the spacecraft will be able to return to the high pointing accuracy that enables its high-precision photometry. However, no decision has been made to end data collection."

    NASA will ...

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  • UFO reports in Canada double in 2012

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 15th, 2013

    Reported UFO sightings in Canada doubled in 2012 over the previous year, according to a study released this week.

    Ufology Research of Winnipeg, Canada, compiled their 24th annual report from established researchers across the country, with the goal of providing data for serious research into the UFO phenomenon.  

    According to the latest survey, 1,981 UFO sightings were reported in 2012, or about 5 sightings per day. That's a 100% increase in reports over 2011, and shatters the 2008 record of 1,004 reported sightings.

    The average UFO sighting in 2012 lasted 15 minutes, and 7.5% of the ...

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  • First music video shot in space is a beautiful Oddity

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 13th, 2013

    Updated June, 15, 2018

    International Space Station (ISS) Commander Chris Hadfield (Ret.), became an internet sensation while on duty with the release of his musical video version of David Bowie's classic song, "Space Oddity."  Scroll down to see the video.

    A fully Canadian production

    Hadfield, a Canadian, recorded the vocals and played guitar while in orbit and then sent the recording to earth for mixing with a piano part played by fellow Canadian and Bowie band alumni, Emm Gryner. 

    Hadfield and Gryner have a musical relationship dating back to 2004 when they collaborated on "Chistopher" a song Hadfield wrote ...

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  • Emergency spacewalk tries to patch space station leak with new pump

    By NASA, Houston, Texas on May 11th, 2013

    Expedition 35 Flight Engineers Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn completed a spacewalk at 2:14 p.m. EDT Saturday to inspect and replace a pump controller box on the International Space Station’s far port truss (P6) leaking ammonia coolant. The pair began the 5-hour, 30-minute spacewalk at 8:44 a.m. 

    A little more than 2 1/2 hours into the spacewalk, Cassidy and Marshburn removed the 260-pound pump controller box from the P6 truss and replaced it with a spare that had been stowed nearby on the port-side truss, or backbone of the station. Mission Control ran the ...

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  • Paranormal program host spots UFOs over Huntington Beach, CA

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 10th, 2013

    Triangle shape UFOs continue to be reported nationwide in recent days, with the latest from Huntington Beach, CA, where two witnesses, including Ben Hansen of SyFy's "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" television program observed a fast moving "near perfect equilateral triangle" on the evening of May 3, 2013.

    Hansen, who reported the sighting had just finished running laps on the Huntington Beach High School track at about 9:15 PM when he spotted a UFO directly overhead and traveling quickly to the northeast and at one point passing through a cloud. He estimated its speed to be 500 - 800 ...

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  • Space station crew prepares for emergency spacewalk to fix leak

    By NASA, Washington, DC on May 10th, 2013

    Following Thursday's identification of an ammonia coolant leak outside the International Space Station, the Expedition 35 crew Friday began preparing for a possible spacewalk Saturday. Mission managers are discussing the information that was gathered overnight about the leak on the far left-side of the station's truss structure, called the P6 with P standing for port. A final decision on whether to go forward with a spacewalk is not expected until late tonight. 

    The crew is not in danger, and the station continues to operate normally otherwise. Work is underway to reroute power channels to maintain full operation of ...

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  • First time testimony blows lid off famous Bentwaters UFO incident

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 8th, 2013

    Day two of the week-long Citizen Disclosure Hearings at Washington's DC's National Press Club offered startling, first time sworn testimony from two of the closest witnesses to the famous Rendlesham Forest/ Bentwaters UFO incident in December 1980.

    Former UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) official, Nick Pope, who investigated UFOs for the MOD began the April 30, 2013 testimony with a general background of the case, which he said defied "prosaic explanations."

    The craft appeared in the same area three nights in a row, and at times aimed a light beam at witnesses, including the deputy base commander.

    On ...

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  • Vermont family photographs bright flying saucer

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 6th, 2013

    A family enjoying a spring evening in the yard of their Saint Albans, Vermont, home reported seeing a "bright saucer like object" fly low and slow on the evening of May 6, 2013.

    The unnamed family told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that they spotted the object flying from south to north at about 10 PM.

    The mother reported that her husband, daughter and son were able to watch the object long enough to take photos and a video, with the photo showing a lighted and rounded shape craft. 

    The video image is not as clear, but the family's ...

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  • PA witness sickened with fear over UFO sighting

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 6th, 2013

    Spring is in the air and as more people begin to enjoy the outdoors, more UFOs are being spotted and reported.

    A witness in Erie County, PA, was enjoying some tea on their home's deck and stargazing when they were frightened by an odd looking flying craft on the evening of May 1, 2013.

    The unnamed witness told the Mutual UFN Network, (MUFON) that they first thought what they saw in the evening sky at 9:35 PM was a bird.

    They soon realized that it "was far too large to be a bird."

    "It was rectangle in shape ...

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  • SpaceShipTwo makes first powered flight- a step closer to bringing passengers to space

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 1st, 2013

    Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo successfully launched its first powered flight on Monday, April 29, 2013, over California.

    It's a big, first step for the enterprise, which is planning to take passengers on flights to the reaches of space during brief, sub-orbital flights.

    SpaceShipTwo broke the sound barrier on its maiden flight over the Mojave Desert.

    SpaceShipTwo's owner, Sir Richard Branson was pleased with the results. "It couldn't have gone more smoothly."

    The spacecraft was carried to a launch altitude of 48,000 feet by a twin fuselage jet aircraft and released.

    Rocket pilots Mark Stucky and Mike ...

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  • Tennessee driver comes to within 20 feet of large triangle UFO

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 1st, 2013

    A witness reported a close encounter with a large triangle UFO hovering inches above power lines near Pleasant Hill, TN, on the night of April 27, 2013.

    According to a report filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) the unnamed witness was driving home from a shopping trip in Crossville and headed west on Highway 70 at 9:59 PM when "a large object appeared before my eyes, just above my vehicle."

    The object was described as "a large triangular type shape with a big lit circle in the middle of it. The light was several feet across and was ...

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  • CO witness sees triangle UFO 'push the limits of physics'

    By Ted Bonnitt on May 1st, 2013

    A witness near Denver, CO, reported seeing a "giant, white triangle object"  fly across the horizon at remarkable speed on the evening of April 27, 2013.

    The unnamed witness told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that they were laying down on the their porch at about 10 PM enjoying the clear night sky when the "enormous" UFO appeared overhead.

    The object was described as a very large triangle with "rounded corners" and was dimly lit with a "yellowish-white" light.

    The witness stated that they immediately knew the object was out of the ordinary, and "definitely not a plane or helicopter ...

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