• Billions of planets could harbor life in Milky Way

    By Ted Bonnitt on November 5th, 2013

    Earthlings may have neighbors as close as 12 light years away, and plenty more beyond according to a new study based on observations by NASA’ Kepler Telescope.

    In a survey of 42,000 Sun-like stars scanned by Kepler, 603 planets were found, 10 of which are close to the size of Earth and orbit at about the same distance from their Sun as we do. This “habitable zone” offers conditions where surface liquid water can exist, and essential for life as we know it (see video below).

    Erick Petigura at California’s University of Berkeley led the study, entitled “Prevalence ...

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  • UFO over Bakersfield big as a planet

    By Ted Bonnitt on November 3rd, 2013

    Multiple witnesses reported observing a strange, bright light hovering in the sky southwest of Bakersfield, California, on the nights of October 29-30.

    Television station KGET 17 in Bakersfield received “a lot of calls from viewers about a mysterious bright light shining in the sky,” according to their news department.

    Video taken of the object (see below) was broadcast by the station, which reported that the light “was too bright to be a star, and too still to be an aircraft.”

    The object also reportedly changed colors.

    Local resident, Daron Nunn, observed the object through a small telescope and said that ...

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