• UK is collecting pilot reports of UFOs, official says

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 29th, 2012

    A few days ago, UFOGrid published a report that the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense closed it's UFO investigation program in 2009.

    However, the British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is quietly collecting UFO sighting reports, chiefly to help keep the skies over the UK safe for aviation.  

    CAA is not interested in general UFO sighting reports, according to David Clarke, an official UK National Archives consultant and journalism faculty member at England's Sheffield Hallam University.

    Clarke told the Huffington Post that the government's Civil Aviation Authority is keeping records of reported sighting ...

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  • Bigfoot hoax attempt turns deadly

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 28th, 2012

    A Montana man was killed on Sunday night, while trying to fool passing motorists into believing that he was a "Bigfoot" creature, according to the Montana Highway Patrol.

    Randy Lee Tenley, 44, of Kalispell, dressed up in a retail version of a military camouflage suit known as a "guile suit."  The outfit is used by military snipers to blend into nearby surroundings, and the civilian version is sometimes marketed to the general public as a "Bigfoot" costume.

    The camouflage apparently worked when Tenley walked onto U.S. Highway 93 at around 10:30 PM and was hit by a car ...

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  • Postcard from Mars

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 27th, 2012

    From NASA:

    A chapter of the layered geological history of Mars is laid bare in this postcard from NASA's Curiosity rover. 

    The image shows the base of Mount Sharp, the rover's eventual science destination. 

This image is a portion of a larger image taken by Curiosity's 100-millimeter Mast Camera on Aug. 23, 2012. See PIA16104. Scientists enhanced the color in one version to show the Martian scene under the lighting conditions we have on Earth, which helps in analyzing the terrain. 

    For scale, an annotated version of the figure highlights a dark rock that is approximately the ...

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  • Triangle shaped UFO with lights spotted along Washington-Oregon state line

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 27th, 2012

    A witness in Washington State, on the Oregon border reported observing a triangle shaped UFO while stargazing on the night of August 19, 2012.

    According to a report submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) the witness saw a bright, white light flying from the south at a high rate of speed, and faster than a typical aircraft.

    The light flew north over the Columbia River and briefly turned to an amber color.  As it flashed amber, the witness could make out a faint, triangular shaped object.  The single light turned to three lights and then back to a single, bright ...

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  • UFOs visit Curiosity on Mars? Not likely, yet.

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 26th, 2012

    The inevitable claims of UFO images on Mars surrounding the newly landed Curiosity have been popping up online this week.

    So far, the images have resembled photo errors, like bad digital image pixels and mars dust that has blown onto the rover's camera lens.  

    The question is being asked, if something really strange approached the rover by land or air, would mission controllers withhold the images before they streamed to the public?

    If Curiosity does receive a visitor, UFOGrid will endeavor to interview the subject.  Stay tuned for updates.

    In the meantime, UFOGrid will be reporting new discoveries and ...

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  • First Man on Moon Dies

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 25th, 2012

    Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on the moon, has died in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the age of 82.

    His family announced that the astronaut passed away following complications from cardiovascular procedures.

    Mr. Armstrong became known for the ages when he leapt off the bottom step of the Lunar Excursion Module, (LEM) and kicked up the lunar dust on his boots. His first words on the moon, "that's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind," are immortal.

    As Commander of the Apollo 11 moon mission, Mr. Armstrong spent under three hours walking on the ...

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  • Curiosity enjoys a series of firsts on Mars

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 24th, 2012

    NASA's Curiosity rover had a productive week on Mars.

    The rolling explorer deployed and flexed its robotic arm, laser zapped a rock and rolled off Bradbury Landing.

    Curiosity mission team member Torsten Zorn reports for NASA.

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  • Couple's car rammed by UFO

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 24th, 2012

    A Danbury, Connecticut, couple returning from a dinner date on August 10, 2012, reported a bizarre encounter with a flying object that hit and damaged their car, according to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network.)

    The unidentified witnesses reported that a black, cubic shaped object about two feet long on each side "materialized" along the side of the road as they approached at 11:15p.  One of the witnesses saw four metallic legs underneath the object.

    The driver tried to avoid the object, but as they drove by, it lifted upward and rammed the right fender of their vehicle, knocking off one ...

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  • British military says monthly UFO visits not worth investigating

    By Richard Gray, The Telegraph UK on August 22nd, 2012

    Despite the head of the UK's air traffic control agency, Richard Deakin, admitting on national TV last week that UFOs are spotted in their airspace on an average of once per month, the nation's defense department has announced that the mystery craft aren't a threat and will "no longer investigate" the sightings. - Editor

    Richard Gray reports for the UK Telegraph:

    The Ministry of Defence will no longer investigate UFO sightings after ruling there is “no evidence” they pose a threat to the UK despite a senior aviation official admitting the country is visited by one unidentified flying ...

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  • Curiosity drives from Bradbury Landing

    By NASA on August 22nd, 2012

    PASADENA, Calif. -- NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has begun driving from its landing site, which scientists announced today they have named for the late author Ray Bradbury.

    Making its first movement on the Martian surface, Curiosity's drive combined forward, turn and reverse segments. This placed the rover roughly 20 feet (6 meters) from the spot where it landed 16 days ago.

    NASA has approved the Curiosity science team's choice to name the landing ground for the influential author, who was born 92 years ago today and died this year. The location where Curiosity touched down is now called ...

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  • Curiosity gets ready to roll

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 17th, 2012

    From NASA:

    PASADENA, Calif. -- The scientists and engineers of NASA's Curiosity rover mission have selected the first driving destination for their one-ton, six-wheeled mobile Mars laboratory. The target area, named Glenelg, is a natural intersection of three kinds of terrain. The choice was described by Curiosity Principal Investigator John Grotzinger of the California Institute of Technology during a media teleconference on Aug. 17.

    "With such a great landing spot in Gale Crater, we literally had every degree of the compass to choose from for our first drive," Grotzinger said. "We had a bunch of strong contenders. It is the ...

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  • Boomerang shaped object seen by multiple witnesses in Tampa Bay, Florida area

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 16th, 2012

    A boomerang shaped object was sighted on the evening of August 11, 2012, by multiple witnesses in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, according to posted messages on YouTube.

    A video captured a brief look at the lighted object, which the poster claims was towing a tethered craft, and "ejecting orbs" over Clearwater, Florida.

    Several people commented on the video, including a witness who reported seeing a similar object three weeks ago in the nearby vicinity of Bryan Dairy Road and Route 275 in Largo.  The witness wrote that the object did not look like a standard aircraft, "and was ...

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  • Buzz over Antarctica orb

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 14th, 2012

    There's been internet buzz this week about an image of an orb-shaped object hovering above a German science research facility in Antarctica, the Neumayer-Station III.

    Fox News published the story, adding a link of a You Tube "video" of the round image, floating above the station and reflecting sunlight.

    It looks like a weather balloon, which would not be an unusual sight above a science facility, as they are routinely used for meteorology and atmospheric chemistry research.

    Suspicions raised over the brief appearance of the round object may be explained because ...

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  • Otherworldy wall of Gale Crater

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 13th, 2012

    This photograph could be of a desert landscape in California.  But, it's from another planet, Mars.

    This image of the crater wall is north of the landing site, or behind the rover. Here, a network of valleys believed to have formed by water erosion enters Gale Crater from the outside. This is the first view scientists have had of a fluvial system - one relating to a river or stream -- from the surface of Mars. Known and studied since the 1970s beginning with NASA's Viking missions, such networks date from a period in Martian history when water flowed freely ...

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  • More UFO witnesses step forward in eastern Australia

    By Paul Appelkamp, The Northern Star on August 13th, 2012

    Reported UFO sightings are up in the Northern Rivers area near Brisbane.- Editor

    From Australia's Northern Star:

    UFO tracker Moira McGhee says seven new testimonies from Northern Rivers residents about recent UFO sightings are genuine.

    Last week, the residents contacted Ms McGhee of the Independent Network of UFO Researchers after reading in The Northern Star on August 6 about two UFO sightings over Kyogle and Mullumbimby.

    Other locals rang Ms McGhee last week claiming UFO sightings but she said there were inconsistencies in their accounts.

    However, Ms McGhee did believe a Casino man who claimed on August 2 he ...

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  • Book attempts to debunk Lothians UFO mystery

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 13th, 2012

    A newly published book attempts to blame a medical ailment for a famous UFO and creature encounter in 1979.  Known as the Dechmont Woods Encounter, in Scotland, police investigated a man's claim that he was attacked by strange craft and "robotic beings" in 1979. Detectives found the witness' legs to be "grazed" and his "pants worn" during their investigation. 

    The Edinburgh Evening News reports:

    The mystery of what happened to Robert Taylor on the morning of November 9, 1979, is one of the longest standing in the history of ufology.

    Now a Livingston resident has claimed he has the ...

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  • Huge triangle crafts spotted in western U.S.

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 9th, 2012

    Very large, triangle shaped UFOs were observed about 45 minutes apart in Arizona and San Francisco on the evening of August 7, 2012, according to reports filed with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network.)

    Both sightings reported the objects as "huge" and 'massive", black in color and with lights on each of the three corners.  

    The first sighting occurred at about 8p MT over Surprise, Az, and lasted 10 minutes.  The object blocked out the stars as it moved steadily southwest until it flew over the White Tank Mountains. The witness was unable to capture an image with their cell phone when ...

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  • Disc shaped UFO with dome photographed over Austin, Texas area

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 9th, 2012

    A metallic looking disc with a dome was photographed near storm clouds in the Austin, Texas, area on July 9, 2012, according to a report filed with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) on August 7, 2012.

    The photographer was taking pictures of an approaching storm when they noticed the object, "descend from between two massive clouds."

    The witness looked around his surroundings to see if any other witnesses were present, but saw no one.  The witness looked back toward the UFO, and caught only a blur of it speeding ...

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  • MARS- Mount Sharp on the Horizon

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 9th, 2012

    This is a portion of the first color 360-degree panorama from NASA's Curiosity rover, made up of thumbnails, which are small copies of higher-resolution images. The mission's destination, a mountain at the center of Gale Crater called Mount Sharp, can be seen in the distance, to the left, beginning to rise up. The mountain's summit will be imaged later. Blast marks from the rover's descent stage are in the foreground.

   Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

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  • Michigan family watches lights in sky chased by jets

    By Ted Bonnitt on August 7th, 2012

    A family in Clarkston, Michigan, reports that they observed a formation of five bright lights for about a half hour before the lights faded or flew away in opposite directions on the evening of August 6, 2012.

    The unidentified couple and their daughter watched the lights, which first appeared stationary and like an unusually bright star cluster.

    According to the witnesses, three of the lights began to move, and their formation changed into a tight triangle shape and held position.

    Soon after, five interceptor jets arrived from different directions and flew a grid pattern around the lights for about 20 ...

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