• UFO or no? Tanya's left in the dark

    By Article Importer on November 16th, 2011

    Just tell me one thing, Tanya Matarwe asked, a hint of tears in her eyes. Do you think I'm sane? Sure, I told her. This kind of thing probably happens more often than you think.

    She thanked me profusely and shook my hand.

    Here's her story. and the reason she wanted reassurance.

    Tanya, a 25-year-old travel agent. was driving home to Carlsbad from a friend's house in San Marcos at 12:45 a.m. Friday. They'd been bowling and talking; her father expected her home on time. and she was late.

    Tired but still alert, Tanya ...

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  • The Case of the Missing Pharaoh

    By John Anthony West, New York Times, New York, New York on November 16th, 2011

    SAUGERTIES, N.Y. he police seldom work on a subtle but critical crime of scholarship. But a New York City detective's forensic art apparently has exposed a case of academic malprac tice. His work lends credence to theory that the Sphinx. is thousands of years older than Egyptologists and archeologists think. If it is, we must radically revise our ideas about an cient. civilization before the rise of the Egyptian culture about 3000 B.C.

    Egyptologists insist that the Sphinx of Giza was built about 2500 B.C. by an Old Kingdom pharaoh, Chephren (or Khafre). But a Boston ...

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  • 'Ringing rock' believed part of ancient cultures

    By CHARLES HILLINGER, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA on April 26th, 1991

    MENIFEE VALLEY, Calif. - When Catherine Saubel, a 70-year-old Cahuilla Indian, stood before the 2- by 3-foot granite rock, she was emotion ally overwhelmed.

    "I was awe-struck just being in its presence. I visualized what it must have been like when prehistoric medicine men played ancient songs on the rock before large gather ings of people. This rock is very sacred to Indians," Sau bel said.

    Curator of the Malki Museum on the Morongo Reservation near Banning, Calif., for the last 26 years, Saubel has known about so-called "ringing rocks" all her life. But this was the first time she had ...

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  • Prepare to Meet Thy Drought

    By Clive Nelson, Today, London, England on July 20th, 1990

    World experts will jet into Britain today to try to solve the cornfield circles riddle which has baffled the country.

    British, European and Japanese researchers - armed with high-tech cameras - will attempt to capture on film whatever, or WHOEVER, has caused the patterns in the fields.

    But, as the scientists stake out rural Wiltshire, TODAY - which broke the news of the phenomenon - tracked down experts who think they know what the circles mean.

    Historians believe that the carefully-plotted lines and circles resemble the writing of the Su merians, who lived on the Iran Iraq border 5,000 years ago.

    And. amazingly ...

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  • Scientist studies size and distance of UFO

    By R. Reid, Sentinel, Gulf Breeze, FL on April 26th, 1990

    Multiple sightings and photo graphs help scientists locate the size and distance of the red glow ing object that flew over Gulf Breeze on Wednesday, April 18, 1990. Several of the thirty-plus witnesses who saw the object also video the sighting which further aids the investigation. Using the 35mm photos of the object, the angle of elevation and distance to the object was calculated to be approximately 3.4 miles when first seen to approximately 1.7 miles when the object disappeared.

    An optical study is now being conducted by a leading expert from Washington, D.C., Dr. Bruce Maccabee ...

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    By Herman, and Mit Mit, WAUPACA CO. POST, Waupaca, WI on March 8th, 1990

    On December 27th an unidentified flying object was sighted on the south side of Waupaca. It appeared to be a transparent oval with six lighted windows. On January 21st at approximately 5:30 pm another UFO was sighted north west of Waupaca. It was shaped like a triangle with a deep red light on the bottom.

    Because of these sightings a poll was taken on UFO's. Questions were given to high, school students and teachers. Mr. Vincent said yes, he believed in UFO's but he's never seen, one, he would like to see one someday. Heather Wennesberg ...

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  • Flying-object reports aren't new

    By Bill Knight, JOURNAL STAR, Peoria. IL on April 1st, 1990

    Back in 1897, there were 200 UFO sightings in central Illinois over a month

    The man was in his Walnut G rove barn after milking his cow when the noise thundered through the night and the roof ripped away. Knocked unconscious, the man was revived and described a fast-mov ing bright light. A strange vehicle.

    He was only one of hundreds who experienced the Great Airship Mystery, which occurred in Illinois long before Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were reported here two weeks ago. In fact, the airship sightings swept the state long be fore airplanes or spaceships - 93 years ago ...

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  • Running Round In Circles (1989)

    By Stuart Wavell, Sunday Times, London, England on July 9th, 1989

    THE circle was 37 ft across, a perfect swirl of flattened green wheat spinning out from a tight centre. Despite a week's exposure to passing ramblers, it was in almost pristine condition, the horizontal plant stems neatly brushed towards a sharp division with the surrounding crop.

    "I have never seen anything like it before," declared Pat Delgado who, with fellow researcher Colin Andrews, had recorded the mysterious appearance of 148 circles in the fields of southern England during the previous four and a half weeks.

    Delgado, a retired electro mechanical design engineer, was referring to a distinctively baffling feature ...

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  • Otherwise down-to-earth man has unearthly

    By Article Importer on November 16th, 2011

    John Timmerman of Lima, Ohio, sounds very much like radio star Paul Harvey and he closely resembles Conrad Bain, the actor who played Gary Coleman's foster father on the TV sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes," From all outward appearances, Timmerman seems normal enough to have once served as president of his hometown Kiwanis. Proudly, he makes that very claim. Which is just what you might expect him to say, were he actually a spy from another planet sent to investigate the human species here on Earth.

    For the record, Timmerman denies being sent here from outer space. He also denies ...

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  • India had a superior civilization

    By THE HINDU, Bangalore, India on October 12th, 1988

    BANGALORE, Oct. 11 - India may have had a superior civilization with possible contacts with extraterrestrial visitors, and the flying device called 'Vimanas' described in ancient Indian texts may underline their possible connections with today's aerospace technology, an Italian scientist told the World Space. Conference here today.

    Dr. Roberto Pinotti asked the delegation to examine in detail the Hindu texts instead of dismissing all the Vimana descriptions and traditions as mere myth.

    "The importance of such studies and investigations could prove to be shocking for today's man because the existence of flying devices beyond mythology can only be explained ...

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  • Going Round in Circles

    By Ralph Noyes, Country Life, Barnsley, England on February 2nd, 1989

    Scientists remain baffled by the mysterious circles appearing in cornfields in southern England. First noted in 1980, the phenomenon, in which circular areas of corn are flattened, is increasing, not only in the number of circles appearing but in the complexity of patterns they form.

    They began again in May 1988. the circular patterns of disturbance which have been turning up in crop fields, mainly in southern England, since at least 1980. To some local farmers- Lt-Cdr. Henry Bruce, for example, who farms near Winchester- they now seem as regular as the cuckoo, as predictable (and exasperating) as untimely frost ...

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  • UFO group brings display of mysterious crystal skull

    By TODD BENSMAN, PROGRESS, Scottsdale, AZ on January 15th, 1988

    Anatomically, it has all the lumps and bumps of a human skull, yet it's made from crystal.

    Its curators insist there is no known explanation for its existence and that scientists consider it an enigma to their well-ordered world.

    Others claim the thing contains miraculous healing properties and telepathic information on the origins of mankind.

    But whatever it is - or does - the Crystal Skull is back in town.

    Weighing in at 11 pounds, 7 ounces, the glistening chunk of crystal will be on exhibit from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. today through Sunday at the Scottsdale Camelview-Radisson ...

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  • 'Bright light' baffles 2 police agencies

    By Article Importer on November 16th, 2011

    SHERBURNE - A "bright light" in the sky last night left police from two different departments wondering about what they had seen.

    The Village of Sherburne Police Department and the Chenango County Sheriff’s Department said representatives of hath departments reported seeing something in the sky between routes 12 and 12B shortly after 7 p.m.

    Federal Aviation Agency representatives at Edwin A. Link Field in Broome County said they had no radar sightings then.

    "It was bigger than a meteor," said Sherburne Police Chief William Excell. "It was extremely bright. like a flash, It caught my eye. It was coming ...

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  • Explosion over lake reported; search on

    By B. Robbins, Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH on October 27th, 1986

    Two Coast Guard boats searched last night for debris after two people said they saw an explosion over Lake Erie, off Euclid.

    About 6 p.m. a resident of a Euclid high-rise near E. 260th St. reported seeing an explosion in the air over the lake. The woman said she saw smoke
    and debris falling into the lake.

    Coast Guard officials called Federal Aviation Administration controllers and airports last night to see whether any planes had been reported missing. None were.

    An official at the Cuyahoga County Airport in Richmond Heights also reported seeing a bright light descending from the ...

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  • Hooked on UFOs?

    By Barb Sauers, TRIBUNE-DEMOCRAT, Johnstown, PA on November 30th, 1986

    Do UFOs tickle your imagination? How about the mysteries of the zodiac?

    Or, do you relish start-to-finish coverage of the city council or the spirituality of various religious denominations?

    Played out each day

    Local and national issues, band competitions, sporting events and dramatic presentations are played 'out each day on Cablevision Community Television - the
    public-access channel.

    CCTV, Channel 9, offers variety and insight. Larry Corcoran, production coordinator at Cablevision of Greater Johnstown, said there has been a lot of interest in CCTV since the company established the system. Much of the current programming is religious in flavor, but there are ...

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  • Remains Of Noah's Ark on Slope South of Ararat?

    By ZEYNEP ALEMDAR, ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT, Little Rock, AR on May 31st, 1986

    ANKARA, Turkey - A mysterious boat-shaped formation nestled more than a mile up a mountain in eastern Turkey has drawn attention away from the craggy slopes of nearby Mount Ararat, where the Bible says Noah's ark came to rest.

    Several American explorers have said the formation, on a mountain 14 miles south of Mount Ararat near the Soviet border, could be the legendary ark and should be dug out.

    Explorers have long searched for the ark on the high slopes of Mount Ararat, Turkey's tallest mountain at 17,820 feet, where the biblical account of the Great Flood places ...

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  • Scientist translates chemistry of genes into music

    By Article Importer on November 16th, 2011

    DUARTE, Calif. - When Francis Crick and James Watson unraveled the structure of DNA more than a quarter of a century
    ago, little did they know the genetic blueprint for life also might serve as a source of music.

    Not just any music - but melodies that can be likened to the Baroque and Romantic periods and to the austere dissonances
    reminiscent of 20th century master composer Igor Stravinsky.

    Dr. Susumu Ohno, who holds the title distinguished scientist at the City of Hope Medical Center in suburban Duarte, claims to have discovered what he calls "the primordial secret," a link between music ...

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  • Ancient Find Proof Pakehas Before Maoris

    By John Wilson, Truth, Auckland, New Zealand on March 25th, 1986

    A long-lost, local Stonehenge has been discovered in the Far North by an Australian naturalist who says it proves Europeans lived here before the Maoris.

    But Rex Gilroy won't reveal exactly where it is.

    "Because, sure as eggs vandals will get to it and desecrate it before it can be protected, " he said.

    The outspoken Australian, whose views have been slammed by established anthropologists, told Truth of the Kiwi Stonehenge in an exclusive interview this week.

    "It's there all right," said Gilroy from his Sydney home.

    'I've seen it and I've got the photos in my ...

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  • Crashed UFO may have been a spy satellite

    By Matthew Warren, Australian on May 26th, 1986

    AN unidentified flying object that crashed off the South Australian coast on Saturday
    may be the remains of a spy or land-resources satellite.

    According to an Adelaide airport spokesman the trajectory and approach of the falling
    object suggested it was the reentry of a satellite on a polar orbit.

    This is the type of orbit used by low-flying spy and land resources satellites to enable them to cover the whole. Earth by traversing it from pole to pole.

    It is believed the Department of Defense was not expecting any space junk to fall over Australia, which may increase the likelihood ...

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  • Disproven Roswell UFO Claim Resurrected

    By Philip J.Klass, Skeptical Inquirer on June 9th, 1986

    The claim that the US government in 1947 recovered one or more flying saucers - along with the bodies of their occupants from a Roswell ranch is enjoying widespread acceptance despite substantial evidence against it.

    A paper on the alleged unidentified flying objects was featured at the 1985 conference of the Seguin, Tex.-based Mutual UFO Network, the nation's largest UFO organization, and at earlier MUFON conferences.

    The crashed-saucer tale was first advanced in 1950 in a best-selling book by Frank Scully, then it columnist for Variety, the entertainment industry newspaper.

    But Scully's claim was promptly rejected even by ...

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