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Will we confirm extraterrestrial intelligence in the physical universe or in the dimensions of quantum theory?

UFOGrid is a news service that employs journalistic standards and common sense to report on the murky realms of "high-strangeness", whether they are tantalizing glimpses of UFOs, ancient artifacts or modern day crop circles.

UFOGrid reports with humor and healthy skepticism when called for, while endeavoring to strip away the irrational layer from the remarkable UFO phenomenon.

UFOGrid's global editorial news coverage includes compelling daily reports, interviews with leading investigators, an extensive, open source database and exclusive stories that draw connections between phenomena not widely known.

UFOGrid will take you to the frontiers of reality.

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Ted Bonnitt, Managing Editor

Our Staff

Ted Bonnitt

Managing Editor

Ted is founder and Managing Editor of UFOGrid.com, a news and information service dedicated to UFO phenomena and related subject areas.

Ted has worked as a journalist and producer for CNN's Washington and New York bureaus including Lou Dobb's Moneyline, and supervising producer of NBC and Mutual Radio Network hourly newscasts in Washington.  He was a writer and producer of the Peabody award-winning radio program "Heat" on National Public Radio.

Ted co-founded and served as Managing Editor of World Space Report, the first daily radio news service reporting on the space frontier. The award-winning program was heard on 70 radio stations in 14 countries, including The Voice of America. World Space Report also produced space information programming for Nickelodeon and VH-1 television.

Ted has conducted extensive field research about UFOs and related phenomena and has interviewed hundreds of scientists, astronauts, paranormal investigators, pilots, researchers, medicine men, engineers, politicians, authors, UFO witnesses and world space officials, including eleven of the 12 men who walked on the moon.

He has enjoyed a diverse career in journalism and entertainment programming, production and marketing that spans motion pictures, television, radio and new media.

Zack Van Eyck


Zack Van Eyck is a veteran newspaper reporter and editor, documentarian and filmmaker who has investigated paranormal activity as a professional journalist for more than two decades. 

As a staff writer for the Deseret News in Salt Lake City in 1996, Zack broke the now-infamous story about the isolated cattle ranch where UFOs, animal mutilations and other bizarre phenomena were making life miserable for an Eastern Utah family.  For his work on that case, Zack was presented with the 1997 Donald E. Keyhoe Award for investigative journalism from the Fund for UFO Research.  Previously, as an enterprise reporter for the Santa Fe New Mexican, he exposed a series of cattle mutilations and UFO sightings that plagued Northern New Mexico in the early 1990s. 

Zack has worked for UFO Grid since its inception and was instrumental in developing the site’s model for reporting accuracy and journalistic integrity.